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Maritime Recycling

Maritime Recycling

Maritime Recycling

Maritime Recycling


Maritime recycling involves multiple complex environmental hazards which have to be carefully monitored during dismantling operations. Wastes generated are often times regulated and require a planned process to handle and dispose of these materials. Blake Marine Group has developed marine specific Environmental Compliance Plans to prevent exposure to and release of:

  • Asbestos
  • PCB’s
  • Lead
  • Mercury and Heavy Metals

Protecting the environment and our personnel is the top priority during BMG recycling operations.


Blake Marine Group employs some of the most experienced shipbreakers in the business.  BMG cutting teams and processing crews work together efficiently to safely process and deliver scrap metals to steel mills.

BMG heavy lift assets allow us to quickly offload and turn around material barges, keeping your offshore operations moving forward.

BMG cutting teams work regularly with BMG wreck removal teams, allowing us to provide on-site demolition, shipbreaking and recycling services.


Often times on-board equipment and vessel components maintain value on the used equipment market. Blake Marine Group safely recovers and assists in the refurbishment and resale of assets.