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Salvage / Wreck Removal

Salvage / Wreck Removal

Salvage / Wreck Removal

Salvage / Wreck Removal

“Marine Salvage – A science of vague assumptions based on debatable figures taken from inconclusive experiments and performed with instruments of problematic accuracy by persons of doubtful reliability and questionable mentality”



In a marine emergency, critical decision making is essential to save both life of crew and investment into your marine assets. Response to these incidents often occur in the dark of night, through unfavorable weather and in less than ideal conditions. It takes a seasoned crew who understand the risks posed by the difficultly of the operation to efficiently respond and secure the impending causality.

Blake Marine Group has assembled some of the most experienced Salvors in the world. From Salvage Masters to Deck Hands to Environmental Professionals, our crews have responded to distressed vessels around the world. Our management teams and response personnel know the right equipment, understand the environment and possess the work ethic to answer the call.


When the crew is safe and the vessel secured, the salvage job begins. Blake Marine Group offers turn key salvage solutions.  BMG senior management team will liason with insurers, surveyors and regulators to represent the owner’s best interest and work towards reducing financial costs.  BMG Salvage Masters, Naval Architects, and Logistic Managers will develop salvage plans based on methods perfected through experience. We understand the costs of equipment and will only mobilize the necessary tools our crews require to effectively perform the salvage.

Our Naval Architects use the most modern computer modeling programs to calculate stability and force analysis during operations. They will use common sense experience and apply that to a properly engineered Salvage Plan.

Blake Marine Group Salvage Masters are experienced leaders and skilled managers. They will communicate and plan with all parties involved to keep operations running smoothly. With on-site problem-solving capabilities, BMG Salvage Masters have the ability to overcome the difficulties that often occur during changing site conditions on Salvage / Wreck Removal operations.

BMG salvage teams are built on multi-skilled personnel.  BMG salvors are capable of handling the multiple tasks required to achieve the salvage plan’s goals. Operations blend smoothly together when continuity exists between all involved parties – reducing crew size and labor costs to the client.


When a successful salvage is not an option, Blake Marine Group specializes in the removal of the wreck.

BMG wreck removal operations are supported by the following assets:

  • Offshore Derrick Barges (350t and 1440t)
  • Chain Pullers (300t)
  • Guillotines
  • Diamond Wire Saws
  • Experienced Shipbreakers / Burners

BMG uses modern technology in support of tried and true methodologies to safely conduct wreck removal operations.